When Your Vehicle Needs a Tune-Up

Routine maintenance can help keep your car on the road for much longer than you might think. Paying attention to your vehicle’s warning signs can help you figure out when it is time to take it to a professional for a tune-up.

Signs Your Need a Tune-Up

So what signs should you be aware of? Let us take a look at the top 5.

1. Warning Lights

Warning lights are your vehicle’s way of providing visible alerts to issues. These lights can indicate issues of all complexities – from lights out to transmission failures. These are the easiest, clearest warning signs of needing a mechanic’s help.

2. Poor Mileage

If you find yourself filling up the tank more than usual, it might be an indication of issues. A vehicle that has a sudden decrease in your fuel’s mileage means your auto might not be running as efficiently as it should.  This can be due to a host of problems, such as the wrong tire pressure, sticking brake pads, or the need for a full tune-up.

3. Hard Starts

Problems during start-up are always an indication of something wrong. Issues, like needing several key turns before starting or will not stay running, should be dealt with by a mechanic as soon as possible. These issues can be indicators of a weak battery, defective starter, or other more serious problems.

4. Rough Shifts

If you have an automatic transmission, you may not be familiar with shifting. These types of transmissions do the shift work for you. Until they stop, that is. Transmission issues can be very damaging. Hesitations while shifting, rough gear changes, or sporadic up- or downshifting are clear signs of needing a transmission repair and tune-up.

5. Unexplained Noises

You know your vehicle and all the sounds it makes regularly. Unexplained noises can be indications of issues. From noisy brakes to squealing, grinding, and screeching – irregular sounds are not good. Taking your vehicle to the mechanics for a tune-up is the best way to identify the cause of unexplained noises and fix them immediately.

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