Whether you own a high performance machine or a classic like the Super Beetle, Autos of Europe is the shop for you. I have used AoE for all my 1996 Volvo 850T needs since 2009. Boris and Jeff run a top notch shop, always safety checking and advising before repairs begin.They stand by their work, are always friendly-a company where ‘SERVICE’ still has meaning.While I have annual repairs for my 227,000 mile baby, it sure beats a car payment. Besides, she is still hot off the blocks and I love it!Deborah Hostetter

I have been taking my BMW to Autos of Europe for three years and no doubt the best. I have traveled around the country in my career and this has been the best experience with repair. With good maintenance I will get over 300,000 miles or more with my car. Good people doing good work. – Ron Lorhmann

I don’t let anyone else work on my car. These guys do it right every time. –Jeremiah Jackson

I own a 1994 940 Volvo. It has about 222,000 miles on it. It is one of the last Volvos made in Sweden and is a really tough car.

Over the last two years, I have had quite a few problems with it. It started when I took it to a regular shop to get a tuneup and have the hoses and belts replaced. The shop did the work, but left some bolts laying on the engine that were supposed to hold the air conditioner compressor in place. And they could not get one of the hoses easily and so put the old one back on.

One day, that hose broke and the car got severely overheated. That started the trips to another repair shop.

I took the car in so many times, to the other repair shop, they finally told me not to bring it back for a while. Shortly after that, the engine quit. Dead. So I looked for another shop.

Luckily, I found Autos of Europe.

I thought I knew what was wrong but Boris at Autos of Europe insisted on a diagnostic procedure. He found two real safety threats, bad brake lines on the front and worn out suspension connections. And a number of other thing. The bill was about four times what I expected to pay, but since I already had about $8,000 in the car, I went ahead and did the repairs.

Am I glad I did!! The car runs very smoothly, the brakes actually work now, no more jutter in the front end. Even the transmission shifts more smoothly, although he never touched that. It is like the “old” has been taken out of the car. And the “new” put back in.

It is a joy to drive now, takes off with a lot of power and speed, handles correctly and stops when needed. It will be good for another 8,000 miles, I am sure.

So take your Volvo to Autos of Europe. And listen to Boris, get the diagnostics done. It will save a lot of problems. And prevent you from spending money on things you do not need. –Dr. Rozeboom

I brought my ’73 Super Beetle to the AoE Crew to have a look at the engine. It was sitting for 5 years in the elements before I bought it. Prior to that, an attempt was made to give it the “Cal Look” with less than ideal results. I plan to take it back to Stock with all the trimmings. As this is a Daily Driver as well, it needed to run like the day it came from the line. Thanks to the AoE Crew, it runs perfect! They will be doing Metal and Paint Restoration as well! AoE VW Resto FTW!Mike Dayton

As a first time customer I took my car to autos of europe to get a second option to repair my convertible top. Glad I did the dealer wanted $6500 to repair it and they fixed it for just under $1700. I will never go back to the dealer again.Jackie Heinckie

I’ve been bringing my car here for a few years now and all ways been treated right. Compared to the dealer I have saved thousands of dollars.Linda Moore