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Your high-performance European automobile is a paragon of exquisite engineering and unparalleled craftsmanship. However, not all oil and filter changes are created equal. To ensure that your European car receives the specialized service and products it needs, Autos of Europe is here for you. We specialize in virtually all makes and models of European-made vehicles, and are well-versed on the special requirements of your foreign performance automobile. We will administer a quality oil and filter change on your vehicle for a fraction of dealership price, all without sacrificing the quality of the workmanship or product your car receives.


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While it’s true that you can get an oil and filter change performed on your vehicle at just about any automotive service center, finding a service technician who truly understands the subtle differences and special needs of European automobiles is the ideal choice for foreign car owners. Why trust your specialty vehicle anywhere else when Autos of Europe is here to help you? We treat each of our clients and their automobiles with the class, prestige and respect they deserve, while remaining competitive with our pricing. For Manchester, MO residents with European-made luxury and sports cars, Autos of Europe is the number one choice for routine oil and filter changes.

Your car’s oil is like its blood, and is responsible for its overall operability. Regular oil and filter changes as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer is the best way to ensure continued performance and avoid costly, inconvenient breakdowns. Not only will regular oil and filter changes help your vehicle continue to run like a dream over the years, but it will also keep problems at bay and give you peace of mind that everything is operating as it should. Your European luxury or sports car will last much longer and drive much better with regular checkups, scheduled maintenance and frequent oil changes.

If you reside in or around Manchester, MO, call Autos of Europe today to schedule an oil and filter change for your foreign car or truck. Our skilled team of service experts will perform your oil and filter change quickly, getting you back on the road in no time. Autos of Europe understands that your car is special, and will give you only the best in customer care and speedy, effective service you can trust. Call today- 636-227-8887.