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When you and your friends are heading to the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater in Maryland Heights for the hottest outdoor concert of the season, you want to make sure your European-made luxury vehicle turns heads as you cruise into the parking lot. Foreign cars require special attention and care, so it is critical that you find skilled auto repair technicians.  For expert auto service and repair for your BMW, Mercedes, or Mini Cooper in Maryland Heights, you can trust Autos of Europe.


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Professional BMW, Mercedes, and Mini Cooper Service and Repair

If you have invested your time, money, and energy in a luxury vehicle, you want to make sure it stays in proper working order. This requires a special set of skills and knowledge from a trained auto service expert. At Autos of Europe, we specialize in Mini Cooper, Mercedes, and BMW service and repair.

BMW Repair

When it comes to BMWs, engine repairs are common as well as repairs to the clutch, ignition modules, and injector parts. Bring your vehicle to Autos of Europe in Maryland Heights, Missouri, for expert BMW service and drive stress-free knowing we work diligently to keep your treasured luxury car in excellent condition.

Mercedes Service

The experts at Autos of Europe have the skills and experience to provide you with exceptional Mercedes repair and service in Maryland Heights. We know that Mercedes often have transmission issues, so be sure to bring your vehicle in for regular maintenance and to check for and prevent any problems. Your Mercedes deserves the expertise of a specialist.

Mini Cooper Service

If you are a Mini Cooper owner, it is critical that you change the transmission fluid at regular intervals (check your owner’s manual for specific mileage) to prevent any issues with the transmission. At Autos of Europe, we will check your fluids and make sure that another common Mini Cooper problem, the clutch, is still in solid working order.

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In addition to expert auto service and repair, Autos of Europe also has a wide variety of luxury foreign vehicles for sale. From Audi to Ferrari, Alfa Romeo to Porsche, we can put you in the car of your dreams and provide you exceptional service.

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The specialists at Autos of Europe want to help you make sure that your BMW, Mercedes, or Mini Cooper continues to provide you years of driving fun. We understand how European-made luxury vehicles operate, and we have the special touch needed to provide service and repairs. Contact Autos of Europe in Maryland Heights today to schedule your auto service appointment.