Manchester Mechanic Explains When A Check Engine Light Needs Service

Is your check engine light on right now? It may not need service, but find out for sure by reading what a Manchester mechanic has to say about it.

About the Check Engine Light

We’ve all been there: we’re on the road, driving along, when suddenly the “check engine” light illuminates on the dashboard. While some of us may drive to our nearest auto repair shop the moment the light flicks on with its ominous warning, there are others who are not quite as diligent when it comes to heeding the advice to check the engine, and may continue driving as usual until their vehicle actually suffers a breakdown.

It goes without saying that a “check engine” light is almost certainly an indicator that there is a problem with your car that needs to be addressed, but is it always a matter of extreme urgency? The truth is, while a “check engine” light is not always an indicator of a serious problem, it could be something that can cause major problems if left uninspected, which is why mechanics almost universally recommend getting your car checked out as soon as possible when you see the “check engine” light come on.

My Check Engine light has been on for four months with no problems – is this still something I need to get checked out?

Yes! Just because you can’t see any problems with your car, the light is on for a reason. If it’s something relatively minor like a malfunctioning oxygen sensor or spark plugs in need of replacement, you won’t likely see anything wrong with your car right now, or experience any problems with its functionality, but these faulty parts can cause major damage to essential components down the road, costing you time and money you could have saved by getting the issue checked sooner.

The Check Engine light is not only on, but it is flashing! What does it mean?

When you see the Check Engine light flashing, this is an indicator of a serious issue that is causing your engine to misfire. Immediate attention must be taken without delay, since a misfiring engine could potentially cause major issues that require extensive repairs. While it is not recommended to drive your vehicle at all with a flashing Check Engine light, it is also not necessary to have your vehicle towed. Just make sure to drive your car to your preferred auto service center at once.   

Is a Check Engine light ever not serious?

Certainly- a Check Engine light can indicate something as minor as a gas cap that has not been screwed on properly. In fact, sometimes the illumination of a Check Engine light has nothing at all to do with your car’s engine and is caused by a faulty wiring problem that causes dashboard lights to randomly come on without a reason! However, keep in mind that these cases are extremely rare, and that the Check Engine light is a meaningful indicator of a potentially serious issue more often than not.

Contact a Manchester Mechanic for More Information

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