Luxury Vehicle Winter Driving Tricks

When I bought my first BMW, people thought I was crazy! How are you going to drive that in the snow? Don’t you know that you’ll have to leave that in the garage all winter? What’s the point of a luxury sedan if you can’t drive it year round?

But I just smiled and nodded and let them give me their two cents. The reality is that there is a right way and a wrong way to drive a luxury vehicle in the winter…and I already knew it.

Most of these tips people already know, they just don’t realize it.

luxury vehicle

Luxury Vehicle winter driving

What is the best way to drive your luxury vehicles in the winter?

#1 Slow down. When you are moving cautiously, you are moving with control. When you add too much speed, you add more risk, more air and less road contact. Slipping and sliding happens when turning or stopping. If you reduce your speed, you can always manage your possibility of sliding.

#2 Increase your distance. When you give yourself plenty of room, you have a buffer. Protect yourself from the other drivers around you. Assume that they are not as cautious as you and prepare for them to slide.

#3 Ignore the naysayers. Having a rear-wheel drive car is not as big of a problem as it used to be. Luxury vehicles have come equipped with traction control modules for years which make them very safe to drive in the snow. Some people advise putting sandbags or weights in the back – but who wants those items in a luxury car?

#4 When braking, go in a straight line. This helps reduce any slipping or sliding that you’ll experience.

#5 If you start to slip, gently steer towards the skid. Once you feel you have regained control, gently apply the gas and correct your car back into place. Imagine your vehicle is similar to a jet ski. In extreme weather, drive in “straight lines” as much as possible. This means slowing down in plenty of time for a turn. No rolling right hand turns. Come to a complete stop just like they taught you in school. Turn slowly and you’ll always have complete control.

I never had any problems or accidents following these few simple rules for driving a luxury vehicle in the winter. With a few of these tips, you’ll have a safe winter as well. If you do find yourself needing some luxury vehicle auto repair this winter, give the pros at Autos of Europe a call at 636-227-8887.

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