What to Know About Owning a Ferrari

When it comes to cars, Ferrari is in a class all by itself. The name Ferrari is synonymous with high-performance automotive excellence fused with timeless beauty, and the cars have become legendary among car enthusiasts and casual admirers alike. Having one’s own Ferrari parked in the garage is a fantasy shared by countless devotees of the famed supercars, but what does actually owning a Ferrari entail? Here are a few things you may wish to consider about Ferrari ownership before you buy your own.

The total cost can be steeper than you imagined. It goes without saying that Ferraris come with extremely high sticker prices, but even if you are able to afford the initial cost of a new or used Ferrari, you may not be prepared for the total amount of money that goes into owning and maintaining the beautiful vehicle. Keep in mind that a Ferrari is special for a reason- every part is engineered for maximum performance and superior handling. Since specialized car parts don’t come cheap, you can expect to pay $3,000 for spark plugs, $4,000 for replacement belts, and clutch repairs in the neighborhood of $2,500, if it is a standard manual transmission. (For Ferrari owners with an F1 transmission, you’re looking at $6,500.) Even oil changes are a big deal when you own a Ferrari- you can expect to pay as much as $1000 for a routine oil change for your high-performance vehicle. Not to say this isn’t all worth it for such an awesome machine, but it is good to be aware of the many costs associated with Ferrari ownership before pulling the trigger. It’s like they say, if you have to ask, you can’t afford one.Owning a Ferrari

Everyone is looking at you. Everyone. As you may expect, you and your Ferrari will be getting all sorts of attention on the road, in parking lots, at valet car parks- pretty much everywhere you go. Sure, that’s part of the fun of owning an exotic car, but even if you are the sort of person who enjoys being the center of attention, it can get a bit overwhelming. Get set to see total strangers walking around your car, admiring it and maybe even taking pictures with it. Not only that, but “people” includes police officers who would LOVE to catch a speeding Ferrari on the highway, so you will have to be extra careful to follow the posted speed limits at all time, since there’s nothing about a Ferrari that is exactly “under the radar.”

It is absolutely the most fun you will ever have. Are we overstating this? Maybe. But not if you ask actual Ferrari owners about their experience with their beloved supercars. Sure, they can be a bit high-maintenance and require all sorts of special, expensive TLC. Sure, they draw a huge crowd and can elicit attention from just about everywhere, which is not always a good thing, But there is something about sitting behind the wheel of a Ferrari, listening to the roar of that legendary engine, and zipping down the road in a vehicle that owes its legacy to high performance, unsurpassable quality and unparalleled beauty that makes all the drawbacks of owning such an awesome machine seem insignificant by comparison. When you purchase a Ferrari, you become a Ferrari owner for life.

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