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Whether you are headed to Argonne Drive for the Farmer’s market or traveling to the Route 66 Festival to listen to the great music, you need your luxury car to be in top condition to ensure your journey isn’t interrupted. If it is time to have your annual Mercedes-Benz service done or you need to have repairs done on your Mini Cooper, Autos of Europe can take care of your service, repairs, and so much more. Serving all of Kirkwood and the surrounding areas, we can cover all of your luxury auto needs.


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Auto Repair and Annual Maintenance

Our expert technicians specialize in auto repairs and service for European luxury cars. We know what it takes to keep your dream car performing like new and getting you where you need to go in style because that is what we do. With specialized equipment for the diagnostic needs of your European luxury cars, we offer auto service for all of your Mercedes and BMW repair requirements and more.

We have the experience needed to take care of your BMW repair, or complete routine maintenance during your Mini Cooper service. Our services include brake repairs, cooling system checks, computer diagnostics with specialized equipment, check engine light reports, alignments, transmission repairs, and much more. Our staff knows what your car needs and have the training to get the job done right. 

We can also keep your luxury car’s tires up to par to give you the smooth ride you are accustomed to from your Jaguar and Mercedez-Benz. With tires and alignments for any desire, your auto will ride the way it was meant to.


Are You Looking for a New Luxury Vehicle? 

While our technicians are doing your Mini Cooper repair, you can peruse our selection of luxury cars. Fulfill your desires for a new luxury car to finish out your collection and fill up that extra garage space. We offer a wide selection of European luxury cars, including BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, and many more. Browse our inventory of vehicles available now! 


We Meet All of Your Luxury Car Repair Needs

Contact Autos of Europe near Kirkwood to schedule an appointment for all of your car’s services and repairs. Let us keep your precious automobile in top-performing condition while letting you continue on your road to adventure all around Kirkwood and nearby St. Louis.