Get Your Luxury Car Ready For Spring!

Spring is here, and it’s time to say goodbye to that nasty, harsh winter weather! With the freezing temperatures and snow-filled, icy roads of the post several months, your luxury car has been put through the mill. Now is the time to get your car back in shape for the fun summer driving months ahead! Here are some spring maintenance guidelines for your luxury automobile so you can welcome the warmer weather with a spring in your step.



De-icing agents put on the roads by the snow plows can cause a nasty, salty buildup on your car, which can damage the paint and rust your luxury car’s undercarriage. It’s important to treat your car to a premium wash at a reputable place that will pay special attention to the underbody of your vehicle.


Alignment and Suspension

Winter weather can cause unavoidable potholes along the road, which can in turn lead to problems with your car’s alignment and suspension. If you’ve noticed your car pulling to one side while driving, you may need to get it re-aligned at your service center.



Spring is an ideal time to get your tires rotated, since it is important to make sure all four tires receive even wear. Fluctuations in temperature in early spring can also affect tire pressure, which can result in a difference in traction and handling, so it is a good idea to get your tires checked by a technician in order to make sure they are in top condition.


Oil and Fluids

Now is the time to get your routine oil and filter change performed by your service technician, especially if your last service appointment occurred before winter. In addition, your technician should check and top off all of your car’s fluids. You may want to think about flushing and replacing transmission fluid at this time.



Make sure your brakes are in order by having them checked out by a pro. Your service technician can check the brake pads and make sure everything is working properly. This can save you ample amounts of time and money down the road, not to mention provide assurance that your luxury car is operating safely as you drive this spring.
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