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European automobiles are known for their classic, elegant lines, luxurious touches, and superior handling and performance on the road. When you purchase a European car, you are choosing a brand that is rich in history, class and style. However, owning a European-made car comes at a price: not every auto repair shop is equipped with either the proper tools or the knowledge and expertise to service and repair these exquisite, highly-specialized machines. If your European-made automobile is in need of routine maintenance or repair and you don’t wish to pay dealership prices, Autos of Europe is Manchester, MO’s top choice for specialty European automotive services.


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European Auto Repair Specialists Manchester MOWhat makes European cars so special is also what makes them a challenge to repair. In addition to the style and function that sets them apart from cars manufactured in other parts of the world, European automobiles are built for speed, performance, and elegance, which does not always translate to a quick, easy repair. In fact, because European car manufacturers pride themselves on painstaking attention to detail, precision, and old-world craftsmanship, it is unlikely that you are going to be able to find such a thing as a cheap replacement part for your European vehicle. Because every element that goes into the construction of a European automobile is specially designed for maximum performance and efficiency, the components can be costly and demand special attention when being repaired or replaced. Fortunately for our Manchester, MO residents, Autos of Europe is committed to servicing virtually all makes and models of European cars for a fraction of dealership price, all without sacrificing the high-quality workmanship and precise attention to detail necessary for European auto repair.


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At Autos of Europe, we love and understand the inner workings of European-made automobiles, and go out of our way to guarantee nothing but the utmost level of excellence and customer service with every repair we perform. Like the European car manufacturers themselves, our reputation is built on a solid foundation of integrity, quality craftsmanship, and highly-specialized skill. We not only rebuild and repair European autos, but we also make it our life’s work to thoroughly understand their inner workings, idiosyncrasies, and limitations so that we can restore them to their original factory glory for our Manchester, MO customers.

When you make the commitment to purchase a European-made car, you are signing on for a thrill ride of quality engineering, style, beauty, superior functionality and handling, and the absolute latest in driving technology. However, you are also committing to the sometimes difficult challenge of owning a finely-tuned, specialty vehicle and all the unique considerations that come with that. Autos of Europe is here to help you when your European car requires a repair or restoration, whether small or extensive. We are also pleased to assist with all types of routine maintenance services, from oil and filter changes to tire rotations, to keep your European automobile looking and driving as exquisitely as it did the day you bought it.


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If you reside in or around Manchester, MO and are looking for a reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable service center for your European-made automobile, Autos of Europe is the answer. Call us to schedule a consultation at (636) 227-8887 or complete the form below for your service or repair! At Autos of Europe, we love your European-made car as much as you do, and it shows!