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Every car comes with its unique nuances. At Autos of Europe, our professionals specialize in the special. That is to say; our technicians strive to ensure your European-manufactured vehicle leaves our facility in better condition than it came in. From oil changes to engine replacements, our technicians can do it all.


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What is Engine Repair?

Engine repairs range from simple to complex. Your vehicle’s engine is made up of many different parts. Each can go bad and leave you needing repairs. Fuel injectors, valves, intake manifolds, fuels pumps, and carburetors, for example, are just a few of the pieces that make up your engine and may leave you in need of a repair.

Who Needs Engine Repairs?

Addressing engine needs as soon as possible is essential. Preventing small issues from turning into full-blown problems can be the difference between a repair and a replacement. Taking steps to make simple repairs early can save you from much more expensive ones later.

If your service light has come on, you noticed colored exhaust smoke, or you detect leaks – you need to schedule a service appointment. When it comes to your engine, the issue will not resolve itself. It will only continue to worsen.

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Every vehicle we service gets the utmost professional care. All of our technicians are highly skilled, particularly when it comes to European-manufactured autos. Our dedicated technicians have the knowledge and experience to ensure your vehicle’s needs are met. We use all of the most current diagnostic tools available to determine the cause of your vehicle’s problems. There is no need to pay dealership prices when you compare them to the quality service you can get through Autos of Europe.

If you need an engine repair service in Manchester, MO – Autos of Europe can help. Complete the form below or contact us today to schedule a service appointment for your vehicle.