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Des Peres is known as being one of the best places to live in Missouri! Des Peres, Missouri is only 2.4 miles away from our Manchester, MO office. Most people who live in the area own their own homes and are proud of the school district in the area for being highly rated. There are plenty of restaurants and parks in the area to keep you busy and happy in this beautiful neighborhood. If you live in the area, check out our business in Manchester, MO, Autos of Europe if you have a luxury vehicle that needs a checkup. 

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Auto Repairs and Services in Des Peres, MO

Do you need someone working on your luxury vehicle? Whether it’s a Mercedes, Mini Cooper, or BMW, we have a team of experts ready to repair and perform other services on your luxury vehicle. Exotic cars like these need to professionals working on your vehicle; otherwise, you might end up with someone who is too inexperienced to handle such delicate auto services and auto repairs. We will help you get you through the following:

Have you gotten your transmission fluid changed lately? Luxury cars will only last if you take proper care of them, which means you need to have the transmission fluid changed regularly. This will also prevent expensive repairs when your transmission goes out since replacing it with a new can cost more than having a simple transmission oil change. So, have your luxury car checked out by one of our experts at Autos of Europe take a look at your car.


European Auto Repair in Des Peres, MO

Being able to care for your luxury vehicle properly is essential to prevent major repairs that could cost you a big fortune. So, how can you prevent such a thing from occurring? It’s simple really. You can avoid huge catastrophes from happening to your vehicle by taking care of each minor problem before it escalates. Here are a few common repairs you might expect during your car ownership with a luxury vehicle:


Mini Cooper Repair

Do you own a mini cooper? Mini coopers are beautiful cars, but they can come with their own problems if you let it get out of control. These mini coopers usually have clutch failures that tend to happen no matter what you do with them. So, you might want to keep watch over the clutch in case you need to have them repaired immediately. However, sometimes it happens when you are hard on the vehicle, so be aware that this could happen if you are this type of driver.

Also, check your transmission fluid when it gets time to change it since you don’t want to have to get a whole new transmission. Not changing your transmission fluid can result in having to get a new one, so make sure you check. This will save you a lot of money by being more observant with your luxury vehicle’s needs.

By having one of our experts at Autos of Europe take a look at your mini cooper, you can also prevent any other major repairs from escalating into something more that will cost you money in the long run. So, come on down to have us do some mini cooper services to make sure your luxury car is in perfect shape!


Mercedes-Benz Repair

You might need some Mercedes service done since this type of exotic vehicle usually needs transmission and engine fixes done by professionals who know how to work on these type of cars. Your vehicle might also need engine mounts replaced every 100,000 miles since they are oil filled.


BMW Repair

Do you need any BMW services checked out by a professional? Come check us out at Autos of Europe. We can fix your engine, clutch, ignition module, or injectors that might need to be fixed on your BMW vehicle. These types of repairs or services might be required on this type of car, so you should be prepared to have a professional at Autos Of Europe take a look.


Luxury Vehicles F0r Sale

Are you looking for the newest BMW or Mercedes to add to your collection of luxury vehicles? If you are looking for these types of foreign vehicles, you are in luck since they are all on sale! Look through our sales listings of exotic vehicles that we have on sale, from exotic Jaguars to Porches that will have you drooling to purchase one yourself. Whether it’s for you or not, have a look to see if any of them catch your interest!

If you live in or around Des Peres, MO area, consider Autos of Europe to help you through your emergency with your exotic vehicle. Contact us today to schedule a maintenance or repair appointment. No one wants to have to travel a long distance to get the best services and repairs for your luxury vehicle! Come on down today!