Common BMW Repairs

Any vehicle is going to require repairs from time to time, but nothing offers you the reliability and dependability of a BMW. Once you own one, it’s impossible to switch to anything else. These are among the most common repairs requires for your BMW.



  • Electronic Issues: Whether it involves dash lights being on that should be off, power windows or anything in between, BMWs have their fair share of electric issues. These may also include power door locks encountering problems, which can be fixed relatively easily and on the cheap.




  • VANOS Problems: Your VANOS (Variable Nockenwellen Steuerung) can rattle when you reach a high RPM. This sound is unpleasant, and a cause for concern. Repairs are inexpensive, though they should be tended to immediately.




  • Interior “Squeaks”: While often thought of as cosmetic, BMWs have been known to produce unpleasant sounds in the interior. These can be fixed with minor adjustments, and as long as you don’t mind the noise (though it is irritating), it can be avoided.




  • Ignition Coils: Having a “bad” ignition coil means it can go out as early at 60,000 miles on your vehicle. On average, they should last you up until 100,000 miles or more. When one needs to be replaced, all should be replaced.




  • Hydraulic Lift: Depending on the weather, your BMW has to warm up to a certain internal temperature. When you have noises in your hydraulic lift causing problems, your vehicle is experiencing slight issues while starting up.


BMW Repair in Manchester, MO

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These issues are reported among all BMW models, of which we have selected the most common regardless of year/type.

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