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With its small-town charm and friendly residents, Brentwood, Missouri is well-known for being named “City of Warmth.” Only 8,000 residents live here, but the town has plenty of great choices in restaurants, lodging, schools, and exceptional housing. This is a beautiful place to start a family with little crime and beautiful parks to enjoy nature.

Brentwood is only 12.8 miles away from Autos of Europe. If you are in need of auto service or auto repairs on your foreign car, then look no further than Autos of Europe. We have a team of experts dedicated to giving you the best service possible at affordable prices. Learn more about what we have to offer our customers in the Brentwood area.


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Auto Repair Services We Offer

Have you had your foreign car looked at by professionals? Getting your vehicle inspected by professionals who specialize in European repairs such as Autos of Europe can be detrimental. You wouldn’t want to get your teeth looked at by a foot doctor, would you? Therefore, have us see to your car’s special needs before you get an expensive transmission bill. We offer the following services for our customers in the Brentwood area:


Don’t hesitate to get your vehicle looked at, because you never know what problems are lurking underneath the hood that can easily be fixed with a simple care service.


European Vehicle Repair

Foreign luxury and sports cars are known for getting expensive repairs done. However, making sure your car get regular checkups from professionals can help prevent expensive repairs. Autos of Europe can take care of your vehicle with our professional team of experts before significant maintenance needs to be made. You should stay informed about the common difficulties some brand name vehicles usually have. Here are some common repairs and services that can occur in BMWs, Mercedes, and Mini Coopers.


BMW Repairs

The most typical BMW repair needed for this type of model is engine repairs. BMWs tend to need a clutch, ignition modules, and injector parts repaired. However, you shouldn’t worry, because Autos of Europe is here to help prevent these types of repairs from happening. If not, then we still offer BMW service for all our customers.


Mercedes Benz Repair

Mercedes usually need to have particular parts of the transmission replaced. They typically don’t cost a whole lot, but it’s always essential to get your foreign car looked at by professionals. Mercedes service is offered at Autos of Europe, so have yours checked today! You don’t want any major Mercedes repairs done that could have been prevented by professional experts who know when you need a new transmission or something else.


Mini Cooper Repairs

The most common types of Mini Cooper repairs needed are transmissions and clutches. Most Mini Cooper owners think they don’t need to change the transmission fluid. Transmissions might go out due to lack of the owner knowing that they should change the transmission fluid every 100,000 miles or so. However, the correct mileage should be in your owner’s manual because each Mini Cooper can differ from each other. Clutches also tend to fail in Mini Coopers, so Autos of Europe can help with that as well. Mini Cooper service at Autos of Europe is available, but remember to get regular checkups with us to ensure your vehicle doesn’t need big repairs later on.


Luxury Vehicles for Sale

Do you collect unique European luxury vehicles? Check out our selection of foreign vehicles for sale on our website. From Alfa Romeos to classic Jaguars, we have something that any collector or car lover would love to own. Call us today to learn more about the ones that match your personality!

If you live in Brentwood, MO, head on down to Manchester, Missouri to get your luxury car looked at by professionals. Contact Autos of Europe today for a maintenance or repair appointment. Your first consultation appointment is free, so what are you waiting for?