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Ballwin, Missouri was named “One of America’s Best Places to Live” by Money Magazine three times since 2005. With a great police force keeping the crime levels low, Ballwin is an excellent place to live. Do you need special repairs or services on your luxury or exotic vehicle? There’s no need to travel a long distance away from Ballwin to get your repairs down on your luxury car.  Ballwin, Missouri is only 2.4 miles away from our Manchester, MO office. Autos of Europe specializes in servicing and repairing foreign and sports cars. Read on to learn more about the types of repairs and services we offer our clients in the Ballwin, MO area.

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Auto Repairs and Services in Ballwin, MO

At Autos of Europe, we have a trained team of experts who know how to repair and perform other services on various European vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes, Mini Coopers, and so much more. If you need repairs done on your exotic car, check out some of the auto service and auto repairs we offer our clients:


Having your transmission fluid looked at by professionals can prevent your transmission from going out later. Replacing a transmission can be very expensive, so try to get your foreign vehicle checked regularly. Paying for small fees such as oil and filter changes can also prevent other bad catastrophes from occurring in the future.


European Vehicles Auto Repair in Ballwin, MO

Before purchasing a BMW or a mini cooper, you should learn more about each European brand. Knowing about the ins and outs of what keeps your expensive car healthy and working can be detrimental to your vehicles life expectancy. By understanding everything about your car, you are able to prevent getting a whole new transmission or some other repair that will cost you more money. Here are a few common problems some luxury vehicles tend to have:


Mini Cooper Repair

Mini Coopers are beautiful exotic cars, but they usually have clutch failures. This could be from driving your vehicle to hard. Mini coopers also have electric power steering pumps, but these can be prevented by making sure the power steering fluid isn’t too low. You should also remember to check how many miles your mini cooper can go before the transmission fluid needs changing. This Mini Cooper service can save you money in the long run, because not changing it can cause you to get a whole new transmission.

BMW Repair

BMW models tend to have engine troubles. The clutch, ignition modules, and injectors are some parts that might need to be replaced by professionals who know how to treat a European car. This type of BMW service can be done by Autos of Europe since we offer engine repair.

Mercedes-Benz Repair

Mercedes service might be required for your transmission and engine areas. Mercedes usually have really great transmissions, but certain parts of the transmission might need replacing. However, the good news about this is these aren’t expensive parts. Engine mounts might also need to be replaced every 100,000 miles because they are oil filled.

By having regular maintenance checkups done by a professional team of experts, you can prevent a lot of big problems that foreign cars tend to have more than other vehicles. 


Want to Buy a Luxury Vehicle?

If you are looking for some foreign vehicles for sale, look no further than our list of vehicles on our website. Take a look at our beautiful Harley-Davidson motorcycles and one classic 1976 Triumph Spitfire. Browse our other luxury cars on sale to see if any newer or classic models fit your style and personality.

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