Audi Maintenance

Tips for Keeping Your Audi Running Well

Congratulations! You are the proud owner of an Audi. Being in possession of such a stylish, high-performance vehicle says something about you- after all, owning an Audi speaks to your combined passions for top performance, intelligent technological advancement, and understated elegance in design. If you want to keep your Audi running at peak performance for years to come, we have a few tips for you. Follow these helpful hints and you and your Audi should be very happy together for a long time:

Regular Maintenance is a Must– Sticking to a regular maintenance schedule is the best way to keep your high-performance engine running smoothly. When life gets in the way and your schedule conflicts make it difficult to take your Audi in for maintenance, it can be tempting to skip a regularly-scheduled maintenance appointment, but in the long run it is best to service your Audi early and often.

Keep Tires in Check– The condition of your Audi’s tires directly affects its engine performance. Tires that are not inflated properly or rotated on schedule can cause your engine to work too hard. By sticking to your tire maintenance schedule, you can avoid any engine damage that could significantly hurt the performance of your Audi.Audi Maintenance

Premium Engines Deserve Premium Gasoline– You may have heard that the high grade unleaded gasoline is no different from regular, but in the case of high-performance vehicles like your Audi, this simply isn’t the case. Opting for the premium selection at the gas pump each time you fill up can help keep your engine clean and prevent buildup of sediments inside.

Don’t Be a Show-Off– Sure, you’ve got that sweet, sweet engine, and you are tempted to show it off by revving it just to hear that awesome sound, but it’s not what’s best for your Audi. Over-revving your stationary engine can trash your connecting rod, and also heats the engine more than it needs to be heated, which breaks down the oil more quickly.

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