Purchasing A Luxury Car

Luxury cars are the gold standard of the automotive industry. Their combination of beauty, functionality and elegance make for a thrilling experience that any luxury car owner will appreciate and enjoy immensely. If you’ve done your homework and understand the total cost of a luxury car, including maintenance and repair, as well as the various […] Read More

Top Luxury Cars of 2017

2017 just may be your year to invest in the stylish elegance and ultimate driving experience of a luxury automobile. Never before has form and functionality combined so beautifully, creating a new breed of luxury cars of 2017. The synergy of performance, safety, technology and beauty in 2017’s lineup of luxury cars means you can […] Read More

Luxury Vehicle Winter Driving Tricks

When I bought my first BMW, people thought I was crazy! How are you going to drive that in the snow? Don’t you know that you’ll have to leave that in the garage all winter? What’s the point of a luxury sedan if you can’t drive it year round? But I just smiled and nodded […] Read More

What to Love About a Land Rover

Are you in the market for a vehicle that gives you all the luxury and elegance of a high-end auto, with a little rock-n-roll edge that keeps driving fun? Say hello to the Land Rover. With an origin story straight out of an action movie (it was designed as a military vehicle, by a man […] Read More